Sunday, September 3, 2017

 Sun City Gulbarga, an Android App for the Gulbarga City


Explore Gulbarga City, the city also known as the "Sun City" for the bright and sunny weather it enjoys all the year round, located in Karnataka state, Gulbarga (officially Kalaburagi) is a city in the Indian state of Karnataka, India. It is the administrative headquarters of the Gulbarga District and a major city of the North Karnataka region. Kalaburgi is 623 km north of the state capital of Bangalore and 220 km from Hyderabad. Previously it was the part of Hyderabad State, it was incorporated into a newly formed Mysore State (now known as Karnataka) through the States Reorganisation Act [2] in 1956.

With the Sun City Gulbarga app, it will be a perfect travel companion to get all information on the go. It works offline as well, with interactive maps. It has like's of famous Bande Nawaz Darga, Sharan Basaweshwar Temple, Budda Vihar, ESI Hospital etc., it covers everything! Sun City Gulbarga app covers the best of hotels, restaurants, places to visit and Hospitals, Blood Banks, Schools, Colleges, with relevant reviews. The content is complemented with highly useful interactive maps & beautiful photos. Coupled with offline content & offline maps you are sure to get the best from this app—be it sightseeing, religious tour or other info's.

Screenshots of the App:

Salient Features of the App are

1. Complete city guide with Maps and Pictures of the tourist attractions.
2. Check movie reviews, timings and book your movie ticket online.
3. Check Train timings
4. Book your IRCTC tickets online.
5. Book Bus Tickets.
6. Book Auto & Taxi cabs
7. Details of Hospitals with facilities and contact details.
8. Blood banks details with contact details and maps
9. Check hotels, restaurants with reviews and contact details.
10. Information of Collages, Schools etc.


*COMPLETE CITY COVERAGE: Covers all aspects of a city guide - getting to know everything about Gulbarga, how to reach Gulbarga, Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, places to visit in Gulbarga, movies etc

*OFFLINE & ONLINE CONTENT: Download entire travel guide on your device complete with offline photos & Google maps.

*List of Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping places, Hospitals, Blood banks, Colleges, Schools, Movies etc

*Check timings of Movie shows, Train timings. Book your movie & train tickets online, make BSNL, GESCOM bill payments, Book cabs, Autos, Bus tickets etc.

* Get Share market updates along with live Gold rates

*COMPLETE DETAILS: Contact details & essential information like facilities, opening hours for hotels, restaurants, sightseeing places to visit are given prominence.

* FLASH NEWS : Get news updates on the go in Kannada and English. So that you are not left behind.

Download the app now from google store to experience the only app in the market for Gulbarga city.

Developer : Gaz360 Solutions, Gulbarga, Karnataka, India
Website :
No. of Downloads : appx 500

Friday, September 1, 2017

Kannada 24x7 FM Radio is an android app having collection of online streaming Kannada radio stations streaming best of Kannada, devotional, classical music 24 X 7 online. This app streams its music in its highest quality bit rate, so that you can enjoy HD like sound quality.

                                                              KANNADA 24x7 FM RADIO

   (An Android App)


You can enjoy listening to your Kannada music on your android phone, no matter where you are and best part is that, you can listen to your favorite music free by just having internet connection.  This app can work even with 2G/3G connection, but for better results use 3G services. This app has some of the best Kannada radio stations like Namma Radio, Radio City, Radio Girmit etc.  

This app contains more than 25 Kannada radio stations and is loaded with favorites list, sleep timer to auto shutdown FM after a time, sharing with friends, background playing etc. 

Screenshots of the App: 

Some of the Features are:

★ 25+ Kannada FM stations.

★ Option to select favorites. 
★ Option to set timer for sleep.
★ Works even with 2G/3G connection speed.
★ Aesthetic listening experience
★ Continuous live stream.
★ Low memory resource usage.
★ Notification icon to show the status.
★ Option to control even in notification area.

Available Kannada Radio stations:

1. Namma Radio (India)
2. Namma Radio (America)
3. Namma Radio (Gulf)
4. Naati Rthymes
5. Radio Girmit (Kannada)
6. Madhur Tarang (Kannada)
7. Nagumoga Kannad
8. Dr. Rajkumar Hits
9. Radio city Premaloka
10. Radio City Kannad
11. Radio City Kannada Gold
12. Hungama Kannada
13. S FM Kannada
14. Alp Radio
15. Cofee Post Kannada
16. V V radio
17. Radio Chintu
18. Vividh Bharati, Bangalore
19. AIR Raagam 
20. AIR Amruthavarshini
21. FM Rainbow
22. Sri Guru Raghavendra
23. Radio Swamy Ayyappa
24. Radio Satyatma
25. Radio Daiji World
26. SBS Kannada
27. Roopa FM
28. Radio Shruthi
29. Catholic Hub Kannad

You can enjoy the music from this  app by downloading from android market or by clicking below link.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

                  If you are an android user, over the time you must have felt sluggish screen response and frame lags on your old smart phone. We often hear same complaints from Android users of poor touch response even if they are using a high end expensive mobile phone. It’s because android normally doesn’t optimize the Screen.

Now how can these problems be solved?

               There are many ways to make the device smooth. But most of the techniques require Rooting, tweaking, or flashing with custom ROMs, RAM optimization using apps like RAM Manager etc. Apart from these techniques there's one new app called SUPER TOUCH which can fix your touchscreen problems and make your screen fluid like before and much more responsive without any lags.

App Features :

                     App can be used without Root permissions and is absolutely free and one can try its basic functions without paying, but if you want to use its premium features you have to make in app purchases. To use its features, user has to adjust its slide from 1 to 13999 or fine tune phones touch screen responsiveness. But for free use you can adjust its slide till 500 only. If you want better screen response you have to pay a nominal fees per month and you will be allowed to select the slide from 500 to 13999. Higher the number smoother the touch response. But it all depends upon the type of screen you are using, say for example for Full HD screen you can select till 5000 for smoother response. In simple words this app makes graphics processor to work a bit harder than normal, there by making graphics work faster. But by doing so it impacts on battery life. But you can overcome by setting power optimization in the app. At the end its worth for the improvements you notice in your phone.   

For in depth description you can use this Smooth Touch Link, and download latest app from the Google play market.

To summarize

  1.  Your old phone screen becomes super smooth on Sliding, dragging, zooming, list-scrolling, typing etc,.
  2. Magnificent screen sliding response, easy sliding on screen and no longer delay.
  3. Incredibly smooth on zooming web pages or images as well as any operations needing to zoom.
  4. Sliding to all directions is unbelievably quick and smooth.
  5. Unbelievably quick and smooth lists rolling. 
  6. Much faster launching and loading Apps.
  7. Speedy and accurate typing experience.
  8. Much rapid on playing all sorts of games.
  9. The first power-saving optimization app that does not affects phones' performance.
  10. Extraordinarily speedier and smoother, typing is incredibly easier.
  11. There is also a very practical power-saving optimization function, which doesn't sacrifice the performance of the phone.
Conclusion :

                The app is great and makes your phone really smooth, I must say buttery smooth. But if you want to experience premium features,  you have to pay and its bit costly in my view. But worth the cost if you are frustrated with the slow response from your mobile.