Wednesday, November 16, 2016

        After a long wait and months in the beta stage, the Facebook owned WhatsApp has finally started rolling out video calling feature on its mobile app on Tuesday to its more than one billion plus monthly users. This facility is available on Android, iOS and Windows device. The addition of video calling feature makes WhatsApp a one-stop solution for all communication needs of a user. 
          To check whether the feature is available on your existing version of WhatsApp you are on, you just need to head to Settings->About and Help->About. If the version is above 2.16.352, than you are on right version and you can make calls right away. If not on above said versions than you need to update the app to make video calls. To update the WhatsApp simply go to Google app store and check for updates by searching WhatsApp. 
          To make video calls you need to select the number from CONTACTS tab of a Whatsapp, after selecting you need to tap dialer icon and select video call from the popup menu. But for making calls both the parties should have latest WhatsApp version supporting video call. The quality of the video adjusts to the kind of connection you have and also it is one-to-one end encrypted for better security. 

       What do you think of this one stop communication app. Please share your valuable feedback's in the feedback section below.

Monday, November 7, 2016

              Google Play Store is a place where you can download latest apps and games for your Android smartphones without worrying about malicious apps. This play store comes pre installed on most of the Android smartphones. But unfortunately, at some times, you might face some issues while opening the Play Store and so you won’t be able to download new apps or update your installed apps. In that case you tend to download android applications from 3rd party app stores which adds a security risk to your device. 

            There’s no fixed solutions for fixing the Google Play Store error, but I have listed out some possible tips and tricks that will most likely get your precious app store up and running. These are simple solutions and you’ll be able to fix it yourself.

  • Clear Google Play store Cache and Data
App cache is a memory where information is stored in order to reduce the loading time when you open that app the next time, because it saves a couple of resources offline (which includes thumbnail images). However, this cached data may cause troubles while opening Play store sometimes. In order to wipe Cache and Data go to your phone Settings > Applications Manager >Apps> All > Google Play Store. Click on Clear Data and Clear Cache buttons. Once done reboot your phone. This will probably solve the issue. But remember after clearing your data, your personal settings will be deleted from your device.

  •  Fix your Date & Time Settings
Google continuously checks your Android smartphone's date and time for the Play Store to work. When there is wrong date & time set Google may encounter issues syncing with your device. To fix that, you just need to Fix your smart phones "Time and Date" .  Most of the time this fix works there by letting Google Play Services coordinate with their key servers to send and receive data.
  • Just check your disabled Apps

Some system apps like Google store and Google Play services need each other in order to work properly.  If these apps are disabled, you may encounter error while opening the other apps. So in order to fix this you may enable these apps by going to settings>Apps>Disabled list.
  • You may uninstall the Updates.

If all the above fails, you can try by uninstalling Google Play Store. Since this is a system app  you will not be allowed to uninstall app. What you can do is uninstall the updates, there by taking the application to an older version. This is a safe procedure and you can later update the app. Just go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store and tap on “Uninstall updates”.
  • Disable your VPN 
VPN is a great way to get all your favorite media or apps outside your geographic location. You can use a VPN to install an app in the Play Store of another country. But sometimes your VPN could be causing you problems with your Google Play Store in the region you're currently in. If you have a VPN enabled on your Android device you should disable it or toggle it off.

  •  Factory reset your phone
If all the above troubleshooting options failed and still your  facing same issue than you may have little choice but to go for a factory reset. you might require factory resetting your phone and give it a fresh start. Resetting your phone would lose all your data and installed applications. So before performing this, you should keep a backup of all your data. Now try opening the Google Play Store app and definitely this process will not fail

             Hit the comments section below and let me know if you have used these listed methods to solve the Play store issue, or if you have any other ones to be resolved..