Wednesday, December 14, 2016

L Speed is popularly known as all in one tweaking mod with the goal being “to improve overall performance, reduce significant lags, and extend battery life of your android device.” The goal has always been to get more out of your device, by enhancing the performance and making the experience better. So people end up searching and installing  separately a RAM performance boost, a cache management tweak, a CPU booster, a network speed tweak, and what not. So I have a listed some of the features of this mod where you can get all boosters in only mod.

  • Better performance 
  • Better battery life
  • Less Lags
  • Faster Input/Output & Read/Write speed
  • Cleaner script for cleaning system
  • CPU Tuner
  • Battery Calibration
  •  Seeder
  • Fstream
  • Improve Image quality
  • Better scrolling
  • Better voice call quality
  • Google services drain Fix
  • Fast charge
  • Liquid smooth user Interface 


Note : 1. Before installing this mod one should keep in mind that it functions properly on Android 4 or later.

2.  It needs rooted device and rooting a device voids warranty.   

3. One should not use this mod with other mod. Clean up your init.d folder before using this mod.

4. Make proper back up of your device to avoid any arising issues.

5. I am not responsible if you brick your phone after installing this mod. Use at your own risk.

Downloads :

Stable version 

L Speed Official page  -