Wednesday, November 16, 2016

How to make Videocall on latest WhatsApp?

        After a long wait and months in the beta stage, the Facebook owned WhatsApp has finally started rolling out video calling feature on its mobile app on Tuesday to its more than one billion plus monthly users. This facility is available on Android, iOS and Windows device. The addition of video calling feature makes WhatsApp a one-stop solution for all communication needs of a user. 
          To check whether the feature is available on your existing version of WhatsApp you are on, you just need to head to Settings->About and Help->About. If the version is above 2.16.352, than you are on right version and you can make calls right away. If not on above said versions than you need to update the app to make video calls. To update the WhatsApp simply go to Google app store and check for updates by searching WhatsApp. 
          To make video calls you need to select the number from CONTACTS tab of a Whatsapp, after selecting you need to tap dialer icon and select video call from the popup menu. But for making calls both the parties should have latest WhatsApp version supporting video call. The quality of the video adjusts to the kind of connection you have and also it is one-to-one end encrypted for better security. 

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