Sunday, June 12, 2016

               India’s mobile phone subscriber base has crossed  1 billion users mark, as per data released recently by the Indian telecom regulator. Indian mobile phone subscriber number is just next to the Chinese subscribers. But experts say it as the beginning of some dramatic action rather than as a climax. Due to increasing number of smartphone users it is very difficult to trace a particular number. So many people search how to trace a unknown caller on the web to find  who called him or her. So today I have come up with an app to trace an unknown caller with details like caller Name, Address or his Photo. This tool or app is called Truecaller, a well known app on the Google play and also on iOS.
                   A Truecaller (A caller ID & Block) is a worldwide number lookup service, which has become a necessity for hundreds of millions of people in their daily communication by always knowing who's calling them and protecting them against spam calls. One can use this tool to trace a particular number or trace a unknown caller to your phone. This service is available for users of android, iOS, Symbian, blackberry and MS windows Mobile phones. It is also available on windows PC but you have to visit their web address  Similarly Truecaller has come up with the new app called Truemessenger  which can identify unknown messenger name, avoid messages from unwanted numbers and contacts, Automatically sends spam messages to a separate folder for a clean Inbox. Detailed information is discussed in my Truemessenger  post.

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Some features of Truecaller are:

  • Always see who’s calling - works for saved contacts and unknown numbers.
  • Search for any Name or unknown Number.
  • Block spam callers and telemarketers.
  • Make calls directly from the app.
  • No more unknown numbers in your call history, Truecaller replaces all your unknown callers with their Name and photos if added by the caller.
  • See when your friends are free to talk, if free a Truecaller indicates with a green dot in front of the particular number. 
  • Copy a number anywhere (e.g. website or apps) and Truecaller will tell you who it belongs to.
  • The Caller ID feature will automatically provide you with the Name of the person calling you, irrespective of whether you have their number in your contact book or not.  Earlier this function was only available for android users but now it is also available to iOS users.
  • Now you don't need to save contacts to your phonebook. The Truecaller replaces the unknown number with caller name , address and photo which you can save it to your phone if required.
  • Built-in dialer allows you to make all your calls directly with Truecaller.
                         After overwhelming demand from users, Truecaller is now bringing many of the great features from Truedialer and integrating them into Truecaller, giving full control over your entire calling experience with just one app.

How to trace a mobile number on Truecaller.   

1. Just login to
2. Select your country from the drop down menu as shown in the above picture.
3. Enter the Number which you want to trace in the box next to country code.
4. Than sign in using Google, Google+, Facebook, Hotmail, windows etc. to enjoy free number search.
5. After sign in you get to see details of entered mobile number like Name, Address, Photo, Country, State etc. 

                 But for Truecaller to work it needs working internet on your phone. It does not work offline. You can find all the details about the app by visiting Google Play.

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

                          Ever received an SMS from a stranger? Hate receiving spam SMS? Than try this new app called Truemessenger an Android app by Truecaller. Truecaller and Truedialer serve over 150 million members world-wide helping them to find unknown numbers.  Truemessenger lets you know who sent you the SMS (even if they are not in your contacts) and automatically blocks spam, keeping your Inbox safe and clean. 
                  Truemessenger also works on the same principle of Truecaller. Users of Truecaller login with their personnel details before using its services. These details are verified and are saved by Truecaller. If a user reports SPAM, telemarketers and other unwanted callers – the Truecaller will then recognize these numbers and block, sending them straight into the spam folder.  Truecaller is bringing the same convenience to SMS messages via their new app Truemessenger.

 Some features of TrueMessenger are :
  • SMS ID: Identify the sender, even contacts not in your phonebook.
  • Block SMS: Avoid messages from unwanted numbers and contacts.
  • Report Spam: Help the community outsmart common spammers by reporting them. 
  • Clean Inbox: Automatically sends spam messages to a separate folder.
  • Advanced Filter Options: create customized filters with known spam keywords or number series (area codes or country codes).
  • Spam messages are instantly detected and removed from your Inbox.
  • Truemessenger automatically assigns photos, nicknames and other details to contacts, pulled from social networks.
            Every smartphone user might be using whatsapp or other similar apps but lot of the world still depends on messages for communication where internet is not available, as internet availability is not as widespread everywhere in the planet.

           It is important to know that Truecaller or Truemessenger apps are completely free to use. I hope you will make use of these free apps for clutter free inbox.
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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

                        The biggest term that you may have heard on cell phone blogs, or news sites, or forums, is "Rooting." What does that mean, and why would you ever want to do something to your phone.
              To 'root' your phone means to gain administrative rights over the file system of your phone (in Linux, root is the username of the master admin). Rooting your device allows you to do things like overclock or under clock your CPU, customizing the look of your phone with themes or install and uninstall anything you want on the phone. Most phones come with limited access regarding what you can and can't do on it. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, because it can keep users from accidentally breaking something they shouldn't mess with on the phone, especially in regards to the operating system.  If you have a few unnecessary applications (bloatware) pre-installed on your phone that you cannot uninstall, rooting will give you this ability. It will also allow you to upgrade to newer versions of Android before your phone's manufacturer and/or cell provider make the updates available to you. Be warned, though, that rooting may void your warranty.
       Having a rooted Android phone is also beneficial because there are several Android applications which are extremely useful and also require root menu access. for example  "Titanium Backup"  allows you to back up all your applications with their data on a regular basis, so that if you do install a new version of the operating system, or if you have to factory reset your phone, you don't have to install all applications once again. You just need to restore it from your memory card.

                    You can also flash custom ROMS.  These ROMs are useful for more than just getting stock Android they add a lot of useful features, get updates even if Google has abandoned your phone, and lots more.


Though rooting may void your warranty or it may brick your phone if not done properly, but it has got lots of advantages and disadvantages. Its all depends on once requirements whether to Root or not to Root. 

                        In India, trains are one of the easiest and cheapest modes of transport. Over the years, booking train tickets has become convenient using the IRCTC website. IRCTC ticketing site registers an average booking of 5 lakh tickets a day in which 30 % are not confirmed that means are in waiting list. 

              ConfirmTkt is an app which can be used in predicting confirmation chances of IRCTC train tickets with high accuracy. ConfirmTkt uses a specialized algorithm which is developed after consideration of multiple factors over an intense research by ConfirmTkt app developers Sripad and Dinesh while working with IBM. This unique algorithm predicts the future status of PNR’s in seconds based on historical trends.

                  ConfirmTkt provides you the alternate travel options by utilizing the un-used seats in the traveling train and also making use of another route on the same train which may offer you a confirmed ticket for the same destination. When you  book a railway ticket on IRCTC website or at a railway station, you usually mention the source and destination of your journey. As a result, you can only see the trains available on the route between the two particular stations. However, it fails to give alternative route options to the passengers between other nearby stations. Every station has its own quota of tickets, which cannot be issued in other railway stations. If these quota are not used by the concerned stations than these ticked are left un-used. This deficiency is  smartly used by CofirmTkt for its prediction.

        As seen in the above picture ConfirmTkt gives its predictions in terms of percentage. 

This is how the algorithm interprets ConfirmTkt status:
  • If the confirmation chances are above 70% then it predicts it as ‘Confirm’*
  •  If the confirmation chances are between 30% and 70% then it predicts it as ‘Probable’ i.e you may get or you may not get the confirmed ticket.
  • Anything below 30 % is predicted as ‘Low Chance’. Buy at your own risk. 
 * It case of Confirm interpretation it may also include RAC as confirm while predicting.  These are just predictions and actual results may differ.
     The app is very simple and easy to use. Other than these features, the ConfirmTkt app lets you check PNR status, live station status, real-time updated train running status, train schedules along with the fair for different classes,  diverted train details, rescheduled train details, cancelled train details. Along with these features you can also book an auto or cabs after alighting from the train.  The app is available for free for Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones.

However, you'll still need to login to IRCTC to book a ticket after getting your predictions from ConfirmTkt.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

     Lenovo company on Wednesday announced that its Lenovo`s K4 Note smartphones have started receiving updates of Android Marshmallow 6.0. The company announced this in the form of a tweet. The K4 Note is the latest handset in India to receive the Marshmallow update and is 1.6 GB in size. Earlier this month Vibe S1 and K3 Note received Marshmallow updates

                 There's, however, no information on the changes the  K4 Note Marshmallow update includes. Right now there is no OTA updates as such but if your are eager to experience the Marshmallow than you can head to Setting's section of your phone and check manually for the updates in About phone section. 

              In its latest announcement Lenovo in association with Amazon has sold more than 600000 handsets so far since its launch in January.