Wednesday, June 8, 2016

ConfirmTkt - An android/iOS app to get a confirmed train ticket

                        In India, trains are one of the easiest and cheapest modes of transport. Over the years, booking train tickets has become convenient using the IRCTC website. IRCTC ticketing site registers an average booking of 5 lakh tickets a day in which 30 % are not confirmed that means are in waiting list. 

              ConfirmTkt is an app which can be used in predicting confirmation chances of IRCTC train tickets with high accuracy. ConfirmTkt uses a specialized algorithm which is developed after consideration of multiple factors over an intense research by ConfirmTkt app developers Sripad and Dinesh while working with IBM. This unique algorithm predicts the future status of PNR’s in seconds based on historical trends.

                  ConfirmTkt provides you the alternate travel options by utilizing the un-used seats in the traveling train and also making use of another route on the same train which may offer you a confirmed ticket for the same destination. When you  book a railway ticket on IRCTC website or at a railway station, you usually mention the source and destination of your journey. As a result, you can only see the trains available on the route between the two particular stations. However, it fails to give alternative route options to the passengers between other nearby stations. Every station has its own quota of tickets, which cannot be issued in other railway stations. If these quota are not used by the concerned stations than these ticked are left un-used. This deficiency is  smartly used by CofirmTkt for its prediction.

        As seen in the above picture ConfirmTkt gives its predictions in terms of percentage. 

This is how the algorithm interprets ConfirmTkt status:
  • If the confirmation chances are above 70% then it predicts it as ‘Confirm’*
  •  If the confirmation chances are between 30% and 70% then it predicts it as ‘Probable’ i.e you may get or you may not get the confirmed ticket.
  • Anything below 30 % is predicted as ‘Low Chance’. Buy at your own risk. 
 * It case of Confirm interpretation it may also include RAC as confirm while predicting.  These are just predictions and actual results may differ.
     The app is very simple and easy to use. Other than these features, the ConfirmTkt app lets you check PNR status, live station status, real-time updated train running status, train schedules along with the fair for different classes,  diverted train details, rescheduled train details, cancelled train details. Along with these features you can also book an auto or cabs after alighting from the train.  The app is available for free for Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones.

However, you'll still need to login to IRCTC to book a ticket after getting your predictions from ConfirmTkt.