Monday, March 14, 2016

XDA Audio Mod to Improve Sound Quality of an Android Mobile

                                                          Most people whether traveling in car or while jogging, listen to there favorite music. The music can be soothing and eases the pain  and refreshes the mind after a day of hard work.  This is also particularly true in case of infants where mother notices that singing a soft lullaby helps their little one to fall asleep. 

            But do you listen to the true music i.e composed by a musician without any loss, I may say No as music is an extra feature on today's smartphone and is not built specially for music lovers. Some Smartphone companies like HTC and Apple have come up with feature rich sound like BoomSound and are costly too, but this is not the case with all the company. But there are many other ways to make listening to music on your smartphone a better experience, by customizing the levels on Android by way of installing new apps or mods.
          However, many apps you find on market claim to improve audio quality, but most are actually making false promises to make a quick buck. To make your search a little easier, I've come up with this post. This is called XtreameMusic Mod that can turn your smartphone into a smart music gadget.

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               Thanks to AndroideExpert35 of XDA, for creating the XtremeMusic Audio mod which will deliver greater bass and improve the sound quality on your device so that you can hear the minute detail of the tune which is composed by the composer. The XtremeMusic mod is an advanced sound mod which brings all the features on your Android device which will let you hear sounds that you never heard on your device.
          I have installed on my Xiomi Mi4i and is working fine without any problem. It works with POWERAMP and supports ANDROID M, also optimized for Dual Speaker Devices like Lenovo K4 Note. It comes with incredible Sound Re sampling, 6144khz 64bit for Headphones and 192khz 24bit for Speakers!!

 Features of XtreameMusic..

1. Beats audio by Dr.Dre

-More clear sound
-More stereophony sound
-Clear bass
-Better sound frequencies yield
-Sound Distortions reducer
-No conflict with the equalizers!!

2. PureAudio Engine 2.0

-Clear sound
-No more track noise
-Audio Pure™ Control not to damage your hearing
-It offers more powerful and closed bass
-Efficient even with stock headphones
-Improves a lot the audio call
-Enhance the speakers for playing music without headphones in high quality
3. Pon Audio 3

-Dolby Digital Plus
-Beats Audio Libs
-Sony ClearAudio and XLoud libs
-SRS Processing
-DTS Processing
-Noozxoide EIZO-rewire™ PRO

4. Viper4Android

-Enjoy near HIFI sound on your headphones. (Not all models supported)
-Make your music sound loss less with enhanced high frequencies.
-Viper4Android supports x86 (Atom/Core i3/i5/i7) platforms.
-Viper4Android supports USB/Dock audio output.
-First effect for speakers. Try it yourself.
-Differential Surround / Haas Effect
-Viper Bass
*You can visit my blog page Viper4Android for more details.

5. Samsung SoundAlive effects!

SoundAlive gives you a wide range of EQ options including 25 sound effects that enrich your listening experience for music, movies, games and even other apps. The effects are enabled by default in this MOD with a perfect balance!

6. Qualcomm Ported Snapdragon™ HW effects!

Qualcomm HW effects are configured parameters of audio module/feature code running on Qualcomm® Hexagon™ DSP Core contained in Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors. The benefit is enhanced precision, sample rate, concurrency, and reduced power consumption while retaining standard Android APIs.

7. Vivo Hi-Fi™ 2.0 libs!

Hi-Fi is the English acronym of high-fidelity, namely, high-fidelity and high-reproduction capabilities of sound. Hi-Fi stands for top performance in the field of music equipment. And Hi-Fi of vivo not only means excellent high-fidelity reproduction, furthermore, it stands for the brand attitude of professional ultimatum, paying attention to details and making lives better. vivo is the first brand in the world introducing Hi-Fi sound quality functions into smart phones.

8. Dirac HD Audio!

Dirac offers superior technology focusing on: - Best possible sound through digital signal processing based on decades of research - Tailored solutions for your product rather than generic sound effect!


9. Sony Ported Z5 Sound Processing!

-ClearAudio+ Has all the Sony enchantments in one! Clear Phase optimize automatically the clarity of the speaker sound.
-xLOUD boost the overall speaker sound!

10. DSEE HX & Hi-Res Audio

11. Latest Huawei DTS Sound Processing
DTS Sound is a comprehensive audio solution for mobile entertainment, delivering a combination of unsurpassed entertainment for audio and video. With DTS Sound, the device can be tuned for peak performance so consumers can enjoy an expanded stereo image and maximum volume from internal speakers and an immersive virtual surround sound experience over headphones. To complete the audio experience, post processing techniques are implemented to restore rich detail lost during the compression process, provide bass enhancement and to deliver maximum and level volume across content.

Expands the sound image in both the horizontal and vertical planes beyond the physical speaker limitations. Optimized low frequency performance for better bass response.

Improved volume output delivering maximum volumes and consistent volumes across content without creating clipping or distortion.. Really Hearable difference in sound processing: Really better sound Virtualization, Incredible Clearer and Stronger Bass and really clearer Vocalist voice.

12. Latest SRS Processing v2.3 

SRS Labs, Inc. was a Santa Ana, California-based audio technology engineering company that specialized in audio enhancement solutions for wide variety of consumer electronic devices. Originally a part of Hughes Aircraft Company the audio division developed the Sound Retrieval System technology, and in 1993 was separated off to form SRS Labs, Inc. 

Included SRS Features:
StudioSound HD
TruSurround HD
TruSurround XT
Headphone 360
TruSurround HD4
Dialog Clarity

 13. AwsesomeBeats!

Enjoy the power of a Beats Audio fully enhanced by the Team Inferno!!

14. Dolby ATMOS! (Installable as an OPTIONAL ADD-ON)

-Dolby Atmos creates an amazing mobile headphone experience with breathtaking, moving audio—sound that flows all around you.
-Surround Virtualizer creates a surround sound experience through headphones or built-in speakers.
-Dialogue Enhancer ensures that every word is heard.
-Volume Leveler maintains constant volume across all content and applications.
-Intelligent Equalizer dynamically adjusts the audio to achieve the tone you want.
-Dolby Digital Pass-Through lets you connect your device directly to a home theater for a full surround sound experience.

1. I am not responsible if any thing happens after flashing on your device. Flash     this ZIP at your own Risk.

2.  The MOD can cause problems with Samsung devices running STOCK ROM.
(If you flash this zip on a Samsung Device/ROM's,  you may notice system instability  and crashes or boot-loops )
3. The MOD is not tested on every Android device/ROM, so be cautious before flashing.

4. Especially with Cynogen MOD ROMs you could face problems or bugs so better to make a NANDROID backup.

5. To remove the MOD you can flash the new MOD remover.

6. Flashing this MOD requires your mobile to be rooted

7. Before flashing any thing make a Backup of your device so that you can return back if something goes wrong.

1. Recovery (any)
3. On Lollipop you must have the SELinux app set to PERMISSIVE! 
- Download the zip of the MOD and put in on your sd-card
- Reboot your device in recovery
- Flash the MOD
- Flash any ADD-ON(DOLBY Atmos, LENOVO's MAX Audio) that you want (optional)


-Download the remover ZIP
-Put it on your SD card
-Flash the remover ZIP


2.  XtremeMusic MOD for all Android versions/ROMS v6.0 (Non Lollipop) 

3.  MaxxAudio  ADD ON

4. Dolby ATMOS ADD ON 



 All the details mentioned above have been taken from the XDA Developers page for the benefit of all music lovers like me who are constantly in search of good music mod/apps to take their music experience to a higher level. If you face any problem please post your comment to the XtreameMusic developer androidexpert35. Big thanks to him for developing such a wonderful mod for free. If the mod works properly and if your satisfied with his work than please donate some amount to the developer as a token of love towards his hard work. 

For more information you can visit the XDA developer thread given below